Please Condemn 129 Pease Road, NY 14559 Fire Hazard Please Send Governor Patterson A Link To This Site & Make Sure You Tell Him That Adult Protective Services (585-753-6532); Ross Ellingwood Has Done Nothing To Resolve The Issue, nor has Bob Prince = Parma's Code Inspector To Write To The Governor: David A. Paterson State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 518-474-8390 My 84 year old grandmother is so senile (dementia) & ill, she thinks she is better off living with her two drunken, out of their mind children than be in a nursing home where she is safe from them. Don Finnegan (59) drinks 30 beers a day, & hits the hard liquor by 10 pm daily. He has been milking disability for a 'bad back', while he cuts, splits & sells firewood for top dollar. Don is paranoid, violent & out of his mind when drunk. He has attacked me numerous times, I have had at least one order of protection against him for assault on record. The last time he tried to attack me, I pepper sprayed him, & he tried to have me arrested. Once the cops did the math, they were in the process of arresting him, when my crazy grandmother attacked the police!! This is how sick in the head these people are; but it gets worse. Don built the two wood stoves that are the only thing that has heated the house in ten years, since the furnace died. Both stoves are home made death traps; neither of which would pass a fire code inspection, nor a home owners insurance companies safety guidelines. The stove in Don's garage/office area is jerry rigged <b>...</b>

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